How to setup PlayStation VR


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Jun 24, 2018
PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial
If you're setting up your PlayStation VR unit for the first time, this guide will talk you through it.

What's in the box?
  1. HDMI cable
  2. USB cable
  3. AC adapter and separate AC power cord/cable
  4. VR headset connection cable
  5. PSVR headset and attached HDMI cable
  6. Processor Unit (PU, or breakout box)
  7. In ear headphones
  8. Quick start guide (big blue manual)
  9. Instruction manual and warranty information
Numbered diagram of contents of PlayStation VR box.

Official PlayStation un-boxing guide

Manual Downloads
Quick Start Guide - PDF

Instruction Manual and Warranty Information - PDF

How to setup your PlayStation VR
Video Instructions

Official PlayStation 'Hook up your PSVR' video

Written Insutrctions with Photos
Cabling diagram of whole set up

Power down your PS4 and you will be ready to begin.

Connect the PlayStation 4 Camera
Connect the PlayStation 4 camera to the aux port on the back of your PS4 or PS4 Pro.

Location of AUX port: Original PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro.

Connect the breakout box to your TV
If your PlayStation is already connected to your TV, remove the HDMI cable from the back of the PS4. If not grab the HDMI cable that came with your PS4.

Plug the HDMI cable into the left port on the back of the breakout box marked 'HDMI TV'.

Location of TV HDMI port photo on breakout box.

Connect the breakout box to your PS4 with HDMI cable
Take the HDMI cable ① and plug it into the HDMI port on the back of your PS4.

Location of HDMI port on back of Original PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro.

Then plug the other end into the remaining HDMI port on the back of the breakbox box, the the right of the first cable.

Location of PS4 HDMI port on breakout box.

Connect the breakout box to your PS4 with USB cable
Plug the small micro USB end of cable ② into the back of your breakout box. The micro USB port will be to the right of the two HDMI cables you just plugged in.

Location of micro USB port on processor unit

Then plug the larger end into your PS4.

If you are using an original PS4 or silm PS4, you will need to plug it into one of the USB ports on the front. If you are using a PS4 Pro, it is tidier if you plug it into the extra USB port located on the back of the console.

Location of USB ports on original PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro.

Connect the breakout box to a power outlet with AC cable ③
Connect the two halves of cable ③ together. Then plug the small end of cable ③ into the breakout box and the other into a wall outlet or surge protector.

AC cable ③ and locations of power socket on processor unit.

Connect the VR headset connection cable to the breakout box
The breakout box is divided into two sections. Pick up it up.

Sections of the processor unit

Hold the larger left side with one hand and gently slide the smaller right side backwards with the other hand, so it covers the HDMI cables you have just plugged in. This will expose two more HDMI ports on the front of the box.

You will notice one HDMI port is black, the other is white. They also have symbols above them, triangle and circle on the left, square and X on the right.

Symbols on breakout box HDMI ports

Put the breakout box back down. Match the colours and symbols on the cable to the ones on the breakout box and plug them in.

Then slide the cover forwards again, to cover the ends of the cables you just plugged in the front.

Connect the VR connection cable ④ to the headset cable ⑤
On the other end of cable ④ there is a connector box with two HDMI ports in it. It has symbols on it, the same as in the previous step. Using the cables connected to the headset marked cable , repeat the process of matching the colours and symbols and plug them into the extension cable.

Connector box and cable 5

Plug the earphones into the white inline remote on cable ⑤
Take the headphones and plug them into the white box in the middle of cable ⑤. Be sure that you've gently pushed the jack in all the way. It's quite easy to plug them in halfway, then you only get sound on one side.

Location of headphone jack on inline cable

Turn it all on!
Turn on your TV, then your PS4, then your PSVR. The PSVR power button is located on the white inline remote where the earphones are plugged in. It is the bottom of the four buttons.

Make Yourself a Cuppa
You've earnt it :)

Remove plastic protectors from lenses, if there are any
Some but not all PSVR units ship with plastic protectors on the lenses. Many people have wondered why the image was blurry, only to find they hadn't realised the lenses have plastic on them.

If your lenses have plastic protectors on them, they will have small tabs you can lift up to pull them off. They won't be tightly fitted on the lenses, so there is no need to poke your lenses to see if they are there. You will be able to see the tabs and bubbles in the plastic if you look for them.

Setting up your play area
Official video guide to setting up your play area - PlayStation Channel, YouTube.

Shows you how to:

  • adjust your camera position
  • define your play area
  • lighting tips
  • put on and adjust the headset
  • use cinematic Mode
Tip: Remember to fully extend the scope (eye piece) each time you put the headset on, to avoid damaging the lenses.

Recommended PSVR Play Area
Diagram showing size of recommended pla area

Calibrating your PlayStation VR
For the best and more comfortable VR experience, you will need to calibrate your setup before your first play.

Calibrate Tracking Lights
On your PS4, go to 'Settings' > 'Devices' > 'PlayStation VR' > 'Adjust Tracking Lights'.

It will ask you if you want to adjust your VR Headset or Controller. Select VR Headset. It will show you some on screen instructions, then present you with a line drawing of the headset with red outlines round some of areas.

Adjust Tracking Lights screenshot

You will need to hold the headset up to the camera and line those areas of the headset up with the outlines shown on the screen. It will ask you to do this for five different areas of the headset.

You can then repeat this process with any controllers you have if you wish.

Setting your IPD
Setting your IPD is very important for preventing eye strain and headaches. If this isn't set correctly for you, you may see objects as being tiny or huge in game.

Using the PS4 Camera to Measure IPD
On your PS4, go to 'Settings' > 'Devices' > 'PlayStation VR' > 'Measure Eye to Eye Distance'.

It will show you some onscreen instructions. Then it will show you a screen where you can see two images of yourself. Stand so your face is in the centre of both images, then press the X button to take a picture.

Eye to Eye Distance screenshot.

On the next screen, it will show you the photographs, then ask you to move the cursor over the centre of both of your eyes. It will then work out your interpupillary distance from this photograph.

If more than one person will be using your headset, set each person up their own profile on your console. You can then store each person's own IPD measurement in their own profile. So you do not need to run through this process every time you play.

Manually Inputting your IPD
If you are a glasses wearer, you may already know your IPD because you will have had it professionally measured when you had your glasses fitted.

u/Vlaid has written a IPD cheat sheet which allows you to input your IPD measurement manually, without having to guesstimate by taking a photo of your eyes.

Adjust PlayStation Camera
To adjust the PlayStation 4 Camera go to:

'Settings' > 'Devices' > 'PlayStation VR' > 'Adjust PlayStation Camera'.

You will be shown an image of your room, with a white box on the left hand side. It will ask you to move your face inside the box, then press next. Then you will repeat the process with boxes in the middle and on the right of the screen.

Once you have done this your PlayStation Camera will be adjusted for your space.

Always store the PSVR in the box it came in or in a PSVR case after using it. This protects it from dust and sunlight, which can burn the screen if it shines through the lenses.

Keep the cables away from pets especially dogs and cats, so they do not become damaged.

Comfort and Light Leakage
If too much light seeps in below your eyes, try tilting the back of the headset upwards a little. This will bring the eye piece closer to your face. Please be mindful it doesn't touch your glasses if you wear them.

Official Tips & Tricks
Official PlayStation VR Tips and Tricks -