Janus VR client is now open source


Staff member
Jun 24, 2018
"I have some great news for our community. We decided to make the one part of Janus' tech that wasn't open - the native client's source code - open at last! The Janus native client source code is released under a GPLv3 license. The official home for this code is at:
You may notice this repository lacks a commit history (our private repository contained 4600 commits over the past 4 years). While I wanted to keep this history of progress (e.g. to build a specific previous version of Janus), there were a few items it was necessary to keep private (such as platform-specific API keys and other generated data) so that we can continue publishing our client to the various distribution platforms.
We hope the Janus community at large benefits from the release, and I am excited to see what contributions and collaborations may come from this. Let's keep building, and keep the dream of an immersive and open internet alive."